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Stay Online Company Ownership to be determined on December 27.

by Robert Guyana

A  ruling on whether Rwandese businessman Desire Muhinyuza is the owner of Sh 400 million Stay Online Limited will be delivered  on December 27/2023.

Justice Alfred Mabeya issued the directions after the conclusion of the hearing of the matter in which Kenyan businessman Kirimi Koome and the Rwandese are fighting for the ownership of the said companies.

The last defendant witness Hiram Gachugi, the acting deputy registrar of companies told the court that Muhinyuza would be considered a beneficial owner of Stay Online Limited Kenya after following up a complaint he had filed with them.

Gachugi confirmed to the the court that Muhinyuza did file a complaint with the office of the registrar claiming that Koome had failed to disclose the beneficial owners of the company as required by the laws of Kenya.

While being cross-examined by lawyer Danstan Omari who is representing the complainant, Desire Muhinyuza said that Koome has never put any money in the business.

“Koome wrote a letter to stay online so if the company is his with 1000 shares does that mean he was writing a letter to himself,” Desire asked.

On the other hand Koome Kirimi claims to be the sole owner of Stay Online Limited (SOL), a company a Rwandese investor-Desire Muhinyuza is seeking to regain control.

Desire says Koome was chosen as SOLs agent in Kenya due to the immigration hassles that foreigners face in compliance with the Banking Acts.


A Rwandese investor Desire Muhinyuza on Tuesday revealed to the court how he was made to believe that businessman Koome Kirimi is from a rich family with connections to help him open a business.

Appearing before Justice Mabeya, the plaintiff in the Ksh.391 million fraud case read a conversation between him and Patrick Kakuba and said that he was told the accused (Koome) could help him meet VIPs and that he was also a businessman with interests in hotels, roads and real estate.

Desire submitted that he could not open the business dubbed ‘Stay Online Limited’ in the country for he had no prerequisite papers to help him open one thus opting to get an agent to open and run the businesses which are in Canada, Uganda and Other area.


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