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Health CS Susan Nakhumicha has condemned attacks on Heath Workers.

by Robert Guyana

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has condemned cases of assault on healthcare workers.

This follows a recent incident recorded in a widely-circulated video appearing to show a healthcare provider allegedly at Port Victoria Sub County Hospital in Busia County being verbally and physically assaulted by two members of the public.

In a statement, the health minister said perpetrators of such acts will face the full force of the law.

She acknowledged the vital role healthcare professionals play as the backbone of the healthcare system, working tirelessly under challenging conditions.

The assault on a healthcare worker was characterized not only as an attack on an individual but an assault on the entire healthcare system and its guiding principles.

Nakhumicha commended the healthcare worker involved in the incident for displaying remarkable composure and professionalism.

“We strongly condemn the regrettable actions displayed by Ms. Vanessa. These actions do not align with the values and standards we uphold at NWHC. As an organization, we are committed to nurturing compassionate and responsible professionals.

“To address this matter, we have initiated an internal investigation to gather all relevant information and will institute appropriate measures in line with our institution’s policies and procedures,” a statement from the institution read.

The viral footage on social media depicts a man and a woman harassing two nurses, engaging in inappropriate behaviour and language while demanding immediate treatment for their loved one.

In the video, the woman creates chaos by tossing objects from a nurse’s desk and hurling insults at them. She proceeds to tell an unseen person that she demanded to be treated, while the health worker reminds her of her rights.

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