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Diaspora people condemns President Ruto’s Attack on Judiciary.

by Robert Guyana

Kenyans living in the diaspora under the umbrella of justice for equity have strongly condemned president William Ruto’s interference with the judiciary.

In a detailed  press statement,led by their chairman Sebastian Onyango, the United Kingdom based organization want the president to respect the independency of the judiciary saying the president has all the right to protect it through the constitution.

Onyango says, irrespective of the decision made by the judiciary,the Kenya Kwanza goverment led by the president must respect the judiciary decision given that it’s exercising it’s mandate under the 2010 constitution that the president promised swear to uphold and protected.

Onyango has advised the president to find other ways of resolving or appealing to some of the rulings or decisions he feel the judiciary was wrong.

“In any case should the President find himself aggrieved by the outcomes of judicial proceedings, there exists
a clear and constitutional path forward to appeal rulings up tothe supreme court as provided within the
legal mechanisms and framework. Furthermore, it is perhaps prudent for the President to reassess the
counsel he receives and perhaps make better use of the office of The Attorney Genera, a position of great
import and responsibility, which ought to reflective of the highest legal unavailable to him.” read the statement.

The statement from the justice and equity comes barely a day after the chief justice Martha Koome accused the president for attacking the judiciary following president William Ruto remarks on the judiciary.

Barely 24 hours after President William Ruto attacked the Judiciary for hindering the implementation of his projects, a section of lawyers have criticised the Head of State over his remarks.

Speaking at the funeral of the father of Nyandarua Senator John Methu in Njabini, President Ruto alleged a scheme by a few individuals who bribe judges to halt key development projects across the country through court orders.

Judges and Magistrates have called out President William Ruto over his recent remarks on the Judiciary, terming them a threat to judicial independence and the rule of law.

In a press statement on Wednesday, January, The Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) noted that Ruto’s remarks are unfortunate and are aimed at ridiculing and painting the Judiciary negatively, hence interfering with judicial independence.

KMJA at the same time stated that by disobeying court orders, the President is disobeying the Constitution which he swore to protect and uphold.

On Sunday, Ruto is quoted vowing to disregard court rulings or injunctions that he said are meant to derail his government agenda by what he termed as ‘corrupt judges’.

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