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Safaricom official charged with stealing Sh 29M from police Sacco.

by Robert Guyana

A middle aged man has been charged at Milimani Law Courts with Sh 29M Sacco fraud.

David Obwanga Adoyo has been charged with several counts of conspiracy to defraud National Police Sacco over 29 million Kenya shillings.

He appeared before magistrate Gilbert Shikwe and denied the charges.

The court was informed that on diverse dates between August 29/2021 and April ,2022 at unknown place within the Republic, Conspired  to steal Sh 29,530,566.

He was also charged with aiding or abetting in the commission of an offence against the law of computer misuse and cyber crime.

The Staff is always accused  of withdrawing 12M being part of the money stolen from Kenya National  Police DT Sacco Society limited.

He was also charged with making use of an identification card belonging to another person against the law contrary to section 14(1) (f) of the registration  of person act.

Being a safaricom PLC employee as a trade development Representative,he unlawfully made use of ID card belonging to Godfrey Njuguna Lucas to register Safaricom Mobile line number _ without his consent.

He was finally charged with using another Identity Card  belonging to Peris Njoki  Mwangi to register Safaricom mobile line.


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