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Davido to Sue Mediamax for defamation

Davido wants the media house to remove from all of its pages and platforms.

by Robert Guyana

Afro beats superstar, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has threatened to sue Mediamax Company if they fail to delete alleged defamatory articles against him.

Through Conrad Law Advocates, Davido wants the media house to remove from all of its pages and platforms the defamatory and disparaging remarks regarding him in 48 hours.

“The media house should also cease and desist in publishing defamatory statements about our client, whether the statements are made by you or third parties “added lawyer Anangwe Maloba for the complainant.

Davido also wants the media house to unconditional Apologies to him admitting liability for defaming him and thereafter they shall quantify damages, Compensate him for his Attorney Fees and costs.

According to him, the Article was published on 1st April 2024 on K24 numerous digital platforms bearing the caption to wit; “Davido detained at JKIA after Ksh 18M cocaine haul found in his private jet.”

The article was published after Davido’s recent electrifying performance as the headlining act in the event dubbed “Raha Fest” in Nairobi held on the 30th of March, 2024.

The said article falsely asserts that Davido was arrested for drug-related offenses under the guise of April Fools’ Day.

The lawyer adds that this misinformation has caused irreparable damage to Davido’s reputation, career, and personal life.

“The statements found in your article is blatantly false and published with express intent of disparaging our client, “he added.

Davido adds that the statements are false and affect his professional reputation by falsely stating and publishing to third parties that, among other things, he is a narcotics user/trafficker and is engaged in activities that are criminal in nature.

He adds that the k24’s statements constitute, among other claims, defamation per se, and entitle our client to compensatory and punitive damages.

“Under Kenyan Laws it is unlawful to engage in defamation of another’s character and reputation, “Added Maloba.

He adds that such baseless allegations not only severely damage Davido’s reputation but also inflict irreparable harm on his personal and professional life.

According to him, the egregious nature of the article cannot be overstated.

“By labeling Davido as a controlled substance user and a criminal without any evidence or factual basis, Mediamax Network Limited has engaged in a deliberate smear campaign aimed at tarnishing our client’s character,” He added.

“Our client is an international Megastar and a reputable entrepreneur with vast business interests in several jurisdictions, his art and business ventures employ considerable personnel with a vast fan base. Our client has spent many years and extensive significant energies building a reputation for highly competitive international standards. This respectable reputation is Reflected in his list of accolades, fan base and partners that include Multi Nationals and Blue chip firms” Added the letter

On the 30th of March 2024, Davido was in Nairobi and had an electrifying performance during the “Raha Fest”

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