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Two Businessmen charged with fraud

by Robert Guyana

Two men have denied fraud charges at Milimani law courts.
Abdirahman Adan Hussein and Bare Mohamed Abdirahman appeared before magistrate Martha Nanzushi and denied the charges.
They were accused that on unknown dates in the year 2020, within the republic of Kenya, jointly with others not before court, conspired to defraud Golden Gate Cargo Services Limited four numbers by transferring them to their companies safe Gate Gate Cargo services.
In the second count, they were charged with forgery against the law.
They were accused on October 13, 2020 they forged the signature of Abdullahi Sheikh on a letter dated 13/20/2020 to Safaricom limited requesting for registration of postpaid services, purporting it to be genuine letter signed by Abdullahi Sheikh the managing director Golden Gate Cargo Services.
Bare was charged in the last count with uttering a false document contrary to section 353 of the penal code.
He was accused that on October 14, 2020 at Safaricom Eastleigh Retail Shop issued a forged letter requesting for Authority to register postpaid services, purporting it to be genuine letter signed by Abdullahi Mohammed, the managing director of Golden Gate Cargo Services ltd.

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