Home Court News Two charged with impersonating police officers and arresting Kenyans.

Two charged with impersonating police officers and arresting Kenyans.

by Robert Guyana

Two men have been charged with impersonating police officer against the law.

Cliff Ombati and Eugene Shivachi appeared before magistrate David Ndungi and denied several counts of demanding money by menace and impersonation.

They were accused that April 20,2021,in Nairobi demanded Sh 4000 from Cyrus Mwangi for wrong parking of motor cycle with intent to steal.

In the second Shivachi was charged with impersonating a police officer against the law.

Shivachi is said to have conducted the offense on April 20,2021,he is said to have falsely presented himself to be a police officer employed by the National Police Service and assumed to arrest Cyrus Mwangi.

In the third count Ombati and Shivachi were accused of being in possession of government stores against the law.

The court was informed that on similar dates and place,the two were found in possession Government stores which are three handcuffs with no serial numbers and six handcuff keys,suspected to have been stolen or unlawful obtained.

They were released on Sh 100,000 bond or a cash bail of Sh 50,000.

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