Three police officers linked with the escape of suspected child serial killer, to know their fate tomorrow.

Three Jogoo Road Police Station officers have been arraigned in court and detained at Capitol hill police station until tomorrow.

This after the prosecution made an application in court seeking to detain them for 2 weeks for them to complete investigations into the matter.

The three are Phillip Mbithi, Kamakia Mutuma and Precious Mwende who are linked with the escape of a self-confessed serial killer Masten Mulimu Wanjala from the station under their watch on Wednesday.

The three are being represented by lawyer Danstan Omari.

In the affidavit filed by officer Wanga Masake,the three are said to have aided the escape of Wanjala from prison contrary to the law.

“The respondents were alleged to have neglected to prevent escape of Wanjala,a murder suspect,a duty they were dutifully bound to perform under the National Police Service Act,”added Masake.

The offense is said to have occured on the night of October 12 and 13,2021and the escapee has not been re-arrested.

Court will make a ruling on application tomorrow.

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