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Politician Kagure did not buy Sh 500M Karen property from a late businessman,court told.

by JT reporter

A Nairobi court has been informed that Politician Agnes Kagure did not buy Sh 500M Karen Property from a late businessman.

This is after a brother to the late Roger Bryan Robson told the court that his late brother did not sell the said land to politician Kagure.
Michael Fairfax Robinson who testified via a video link from the United Kingdom told High court Judge Maureen Odero that his brother would never have sold the disputed property to Kagure.
“I had been urging Roger to move and sell the said property for several years because of his poor health but he had always strenuously resisted my advice and had continued to do so up to and including our last communication,” he told the court.
Michael also confirmed that his brother did not transfer his shares at Plovers Haunt limited to businessman Thomas Mutaha as claimed by him in the suit.

Kagure and Mutaha filed the suit against lawyer Guy Spencer Elms accusing him of forging signatures on the Will of the late Roger Robson who died in 2012 and who owned the two parcels of land.
Kagure claims that she bought the disputed piece of land in Karen from the deceased, for Sh100 million in 2011.
Mutaha, on his part, claims to be a director of Plovers Haunt limited, the company that rightfully owns the Upper Hill land. He claims that he was given for free all shares in the said Company.

Roger Bryan Robson died in the year 2012 and left a will with Spencer who was his lawyer to manage two properties both estimated to be worth over sh 500 million.
He had indicated the estates should be sold and proceeds shared between his nephew and charitable institutions in Kenya that focus on environmental conservation.

However the two opposed the said will, accusing lawyer Spencer Elms of forging it.

Yesterday his brother told the court that the deceased was still living in the Karen property until his demise in 2012 contrary to Kagure’s claim that she bought the said property in 2011.
“My brother had informed me on several occasions over a number of years prior to his death that fraudsters were attempting to steal his residence in Karen by making false claims of ownership but he was being assisted,” he said.

Michael also confirmed that he had signed the respective affidavits trusting Guy Elms to handle the administration of the estate and the Consent to the Confirmation of the Grant.
Lawyer Spencer had been charged with forging the said will in the sale of the piece of land in Karen.
Michael in his testimony yesterday noted that although he was not a beneficiary to his brother’s estate, he wanted the truth known that he never sold the land to Kagure or transferred his shares to Mutaha.

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