Home Court News A man has been charged with stealing a car by hacking NTSA TIMS account.

A man has been charged with stealing a car by hacking NTSA TIMS account.

by Robert Guyana

A man has been charged with stealing a motor vehicle after he pretended that he has lost his logbook at NTSA.

Felix Oyeit appeared before Milimani Magistrate Wendy Kagendo and denied 4 counts of stealing, forgery,obtaining registration by false pretenses and unautherized access of the computer and cyber crimes act.

He was charged that on July 14,2022 at Uperhillarea within Nairobi County, Jointly with others not before the court ,stole a Toyota Axio Valued at Sh 1,050,000 the property of Simon Haron Oruchum.

In the second count,he was charged that on July 13, 2022, he forged an abstract from police records for a loss of a logbook purporting it to be a genuine abstract from police records issued at Buruburu police station.

In the third count, he was charged that on July 14, 2022, at National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) headquarters, WILLFULLY PROCURED A DUPLICATE MOTOR VEHICLE LOGBOOK by pretending that he had lost a logbook for Simon Haron Oruchum, knowing it was untrue.

In the last count, he was charged with temporarily causing a computer system to perform functions by infringing security measures with intent to gain access to TIMS account of Simon Haron knowing it was unauthorized, and changing the phone numbers of the complainant.

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