Home Court News A case in which Ruto’s Hustler Fund is challenged in court Fails to proceed due to respondents absence.

A case in which Ruto’s Hustler Fund is challenged in court Fails to proceed due to respondents absence.

by Robert Guyana
Proffessor Fred Ogolla the president of Linda Ugatuzi Civil Society

A case in which Ruto’s Hustler Fund has been challenged in court failed to proceed today before Judge Monica Mbaru.

When the parties lead by Professor Fred Ogolla the president of “Linda Ugatuzi” appeared in court virtually, they were informed that they could not proceed because one of the respondents advocates was absent and therefore they should only take other dates.

Professor Fred Ogolla said There was no appropriation through parliament of this fund.

“Which bank are people saving money and what is the bank, “asked Ogolla.

The case was coming for direction before Judge Monica Mbaru of the High Court but it did not proceed since one of the advocates was absent.

They will take another hearing date from the registry.

In the matter, the applicant operating under operation ‘Linda Ugatuzi’ has raised over 15 concerns which he wants the court to address that include the manner in which the fund operates as it has no known established office or entity.

The organization questioned why Kenyans are being asked of their PIN numbers and that the fund has also not been approved by parliament.

“A fund of this nature has to be established by an Act of Parliament and the monies being dished to Kenyans must be contained in the financial budget,” professor said.

He stated in his petition to the high court that Kenyans need to be protected in receiving funds or monies which they need to be told the sources

“There has not been any establishment of a board contemplated under Regulation 10 of the regulations by the cabinet secretary. Further the cabinet secretary has not appointed the CEO under regulation 14(1),” says the petitioners.

According to the regulations, the functions of the board include reviewing and approving financial statements of the Fund before submission to the Auditor-General and mobilizing resources for the Fund.

They add that the Fund was rolled out without any appropriation by the National Assembly as required in the Regulations and the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.

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