A Mandera County Community wants Authority to arrest a businessman’ killer.

A community in mandela county together with the family of a man who was stabbed to death by foreigner are asking the authorities to move with speed and arrest their kins killer.
The family of the late Hashim Okash Mohammed today stomed the office of the county Criminal investigation officers Pius Gitari who promised to apprehend the actual killer who fled to Somali. One suspect who is in custody Hajjio Maaalim Nur is expected in Garissa court next week to
Take a murder charge.
In the enraged community in a meeting told the media in mandela town that in one month they have lost seven people through killings where the culplits free to Somali
They blamed the insecuritty to the issuance of identity card to foregners as the same people commit crime and continue crossing the border

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