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Court Suspends Directive to Deregister Pastor Ezekiel’s Church

by Robert Guyana

A Nairobi high Court has temporarily suspended a directive to deregister Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Newlife Church in Kilifi.

On Monday, Justice Jairus Ngaah declined to suspend the registrar of societies directive deregistering the church.

He, however, certified the matter as urgent and directed Odero to serve his papers on the registrar and the Attorney General who have been named as respondents in the matter.

“In short, as much as the court would have been disposed to grant the order for stay (suspension), the prayer for the order is grounded on a non-existent premise. For this reason, the prayer of stay is refused,” said the Judge.

Odero’s lawyer Danstan Omari said Ezekiel has a right to worship just ad other religious leaders.

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