Home Sport The government of Kenya through the ministry of sports has been urged to build Padel Sports Academies across the country.

The government of Kenya through the ministry of sports has been urged to build Padel Sports Academies across the country.

by Robert Guyana

Speaking during the Padel Tennis exhibition at Padel courts in Gigiri on Wednesday, businessman Diren Chandariah who organised the event said that Kenya Padel Tennis is destined for greatness,but he however he has asked the government to build more sports academies so that it can encourage more young Talents.

“This is the fastest growing sports, it’s an amazing game, but the government need to have accademies so that more and young talent can be natured”Said Diren.

Diren who sponsored a four days Padel Tennis clinic across the country and will see Kenyan coaches being trained by international coach Mariano Sanchez from the Argentina ,also stated the need of local players and coaches to be trained about this fasted growing sports game in not only Kenya but across Africa.

“Other than having good accadmies, we need also to have our coaches trained so that they can understand well the rule of the game, remember unlike our normal tennis,this game is usually played in fenced court with transparent glass, although rules are almost similar”Said Diren.

During the exhibition, international Padel tennis player Mariona Sanchez the director of Mundo Padel Director
Valentin Sanchez – A First Category League in Argentina said that Kenya has got talent,but asked stakeholders to come up and support young and upcoming Padel tennis players.

While supporting Chandariah sentiments, Sanchez said that training f coaches and building of Padel Sporting activities across the country and the region at large can be the best way to promote Padel Tennis.

“With the game that we have seen today, Kenya can go far, but this can be done if we have good structures right from the grassroots, especially even from low schools to tertiary institutions,Said Sanchez.

During the exhibition,Kenyan Padel tennis lost to Argentina in set of 4-6 ,6-1 and 6-4 in an international match played at the venue.

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