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Kenya’s Judiciary Mourns the Tragic Death of Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti

by Robert Guyana

The Judiciary of Kenya today in honor of their colleague late Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti has termed Monica’s murder as the greatest assault of the Kenyan Criminal Justice System.

The Chief Justice of Kenya announced today June 18, 2024 as a Countrywide mourning for all Judicial officers requesting members of the public from all over Kenya to join the Judiciary in their nearest Court to mourn slain Magistrate Monica Kivuti.

According to the Employment and Labor relations Court principal Judge Ogaya, life is so basic such that it is the foundation of all other rights hence the senseless kiling of Hon. Kivuti in her line of duty is and was unjustified.

“The gruesome murder of Hon. Kivuti is a complete assault of Justice, it should be criminalized to threaten a Judge, a judicial officer and any other Court staff for discharging their duties, we must protect our human dignity which is a guarantee in ensuring Justice…” said Justice Ogaya.

DPP Renson Ingonga on behalf of the ODPP conveyed his condolences saying that when his office learnt of the shooting incident and subsequent passing of Hon. Monica Kivuti, he was disturbed by the fact that Monica’s life was taken away by an individual entitled to protect her life.

“Indeed this is a constant reminder to us all that life is not finite…however, to Monica’s family, I am certain that during her life time, her family experienced an abundance of cherish memories that exude the same love, joy and happiness, she was a dedicated judicial officer. Her legacy shall live on through the memories she leaves behind…” said DPP Ingonga.

Kivuti was shot on Thursday afternoon at the Makadara Law Courts after she made a ruling in a case involving a policeman’s wife.

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