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The Kenya Kwanza Government and the Urgent Call for Dialogue with Gen Z Following Anti-Government Protests

by Robert Guyana

The Kenya Kwanza government has been urged to hold talks with youths dubbed Genz following the Anti government protests that has so far claim more than twenty youths across the country.

Speaking at city mortuary on Thursday, during the release of 22 year old youth Wilson Sitati, an engineer student who was allegedly killed by the police during the last Tuesday demonstrations, Nairobi Businessman Zachariah Baraza says there is need for president Dr William Ruto to engage the youths so that this demos can get to an end.

“The issue raised by our youths are very genuine,as much as some may require long term solution,those that need shot terms let them be solved so that we can get to an end all this demonstration s”Said Baraza.

Baraza who is also an aspiring governor for Bungoma county,told the journalist that some of the issues raised by the youths are genuine and on national conncern,with others which requires short and long term solution.

The city businessman also accused the police for using excessive force during the demonstrations saying that it was an lawful especially to the young generation who were not only an armed but were demonstrating peacefully.

“Our men in uniform are well trained,am shocked to what we have been seeing in the streets, police using live bullets ,i mean for how long shall we be doing this, remember demonstrations has been there since independence,we need to protect our youths as well as uphold to the rule.

More than fourty people has so far been killed with business worth billions of shillings destroy across the country.

The demonstrations were as a result of exorbitant finance bill 2024 that was later rejected and subsequently withdrawn by President Dr William Ruto

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