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Bumula MP Jack Wamboka’s Ex-wife claims her life is in danger

by Robert Guyana

Christine Muturi, ex-wife to Bumula Member of Parliament (MP) now claims her life is in danger after falling apart with her husband, Jack Wamboka over domestic issues.

In her address to the media in Bungoma on Tuesday, Muturi alleged that the Azimio MP has been behind her nightmare despite being the main sponsor of the menstrual cups and lunch programs in Bumula schools projects which she claims the first- term MP has gained him political mileage.

“I’m the main sponsor of the projects running in Bumula constituency but along the way we disagreed with MP Wamboka, he went on the media and dismissed me as his wife which I accepted in totality”she said.

Additionally, the controversial business woman revealed that the project launched last year February by MP Wamboka has cost close to Ksh20 million and benefited over 9,000 learners and counting in Bumula.

However, Muturi reports she started the menstrual cups initiative after realizing that Bumula is recording high numbers of teenage pregnancy and gender based violence (GBV) cases amongst other.

“Bumula being on the map leading in under age pregnancies , it inclined me to start these projects under the MPs name,” she noted.

Further, she noted that on Tuesday, she was scheduled to have two events in Bumula where her main sponsor from the United States of America (USA) was to attend with the intent to put up a menstrual cup factory to support the same and at the same time inspect the progress of the projects but all of a sudden she noticed weird behaviors including goons harassing her who also were armed and stated that they would burn the car and her in it it was suspected individuals whom she alleges were the MPs bodyguards.

She notes the strange behaviors from the MPs bodyguards scared her and forced to postpone the two events.

He affirmed that the programs has been very impactful arguing that according from the recent data from the Bumula Sub- County hospital it indicates that there a huge decline in the number of pregnancies and realized more girls going to the facilities due sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) unlike before the introduction of the menstrual caps initiative.

Further, the businesswoman said that she has withdrawn both projects from being implemented by the area MP.

“When I disagree with Wamboka it doesn’t mean that I withdraw the projects that I had started therefore the projects will go on but under my patronage,” she said.

She added, “ I decided regardless of what happened between me and Jack Wanami I was not going to stop the project, I will continue with the project because these girls have done nothing wrong to me,”

She said that all the dramas that were caused by the MPs bodyguards trying to block her vehicle were recorded on the hotel’s CCTV and the case was reported at Bungoma police station OB no. 71/02/07/2024.

While seated at the hotel together with her donor from the USA, Muturi says she spotted the MPs bodyguard come to the restaurant session where she was seated this was also caught on the cctv

“While seated I saw my ex- husbands bodyguard enter the hotel talking on the phone, he did not greet me despite being known to me, the following morning my driver started receiving threatening threats via phone from strange numbers informing him that he is on their radar and they would torch the car once he drives to Bumula for the event,” she said.

On Tuesday morning, Muturi reports that she proceeded to the house they share with the MP in Bungoma to pick water bottles which they would use while at the event, but arriving at the gate the security officers informed her that the MP had given orders that she should not access the premise.

“Immediately I arrived at the gate about 20 men flocked my car and nearly burnt my car down, my driver reversed the car and rushed to the police station to have the incident reported upon coming back at the hotel to pick up my guest so that we proceed to the venue,” she said.

Muturi said, when she got to the hotel she picked her visitor but on the way out there were three vehicles that had been following her car all day adding that the cars came swarming with an intention to block the front and the back and I could see bloodshed.

“These threats won’t scare me from helping these girls,” she said.

Lucas Boniface, a health provider at Bumula Sub- county hospital, said that the menstrual cup initiative has been of great importance to the people of Bumula as the young generation has received information on how they can protect themselves from early pregnancy and GBV.

He reports that the program was designed in such a way that everyday three schools are reached and learners enriched with knowledge concerning fighting triple threat all this is facilitated by our madam single handed.

“Since this project started we have reached out to schools in the three wards,” he said.

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