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The Judiciary of Kenya Mourns Tragic Loss of Hon. Monica Kivuti

by Robert Guyana

The Deputy Chief Justice of Kenya Justice Philomena Mwilu has equated Hon. Monica Kivuti’s murder with the September 11, 2001 USA terror attack as far as the Kenyan Judiciary is concerned.

“That Monica’s death must be the Judiciary of Kenya’s September 11, I said that to us and I said lets stop this talking, lets just stop talking and stary acting. How many of us are to die before somebody cares enough for us…and so I say to all of us those in leadership, we must do something to stop hurting us at our place of work and the law is clear and it says that the employer will be the person to provide a safe working place. We are employed by the people of Kenya, we all pay taxes…protect us and don’t kill us” said DCJ Philomena Mwilu in tears.

The Chief Justice in her speech said that killing of a Judicial officer in the seat of Justice is unprecedent and to Judiciary it amounts to an attack on judicial independence and the rule of Law.

“As we collect ourselves from this shell of grief, we must demand that the Judiciary finds centrality in the nation’s allocation resources…” said CJ Koome.

The Attorney General in his part said that the death of Hon. Monica behooves the Executive to work in collaboration to ensure Courts are safe.

“I have been a Magistrate and I cannot even imagine what is going on in the minds of Magistrates…” said AG Muturi.

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