Home General News More than a 100 million pigs have died since 2018,WAP warns against Swine Fever.

More than a 100 million pigs have died since 2018,WAP warns against Swine Fever.

by Yakub Moha

World Animal Protection has warned against the outbreak of Zoonotic diseases that has killed thousands of pigs in Nigeria.

Victor Yamo, Farming Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection said that the explosion of African Swine Fever in Nigeria has tragically seen over a hundred thousand pigs cruelly culled at farms.

“We are facing unprecedented times with the outbreak of zoonotic diseases,”he said.

Yamo in a press statement said that the outbreak is a worldwide crisis with appalling reports that large numbers of pigs have been drowned, burnt or buried alive in countries where there have been outbreaks.

The Organization said in China alone, more than a 100 million pigs have died since 2018 and it is now estimated that a quarter of the global pig population will die as a result of the African Swine Fever epidemic. 

 “This is a clear indication that we will need to rethink our food system.  We can achieve our goal of food and job security without further intensification of livestock farming,”said Yamo.

World Animal Protection says thatPigs are living, breathing beings who feel pain, fear and suffering. There are internationally accepted methods of culling that ensure pigs are humanely handled and killed.

When they are confirmed dead, they must be disposed of responsibly as dumping their bodies in rivers, sea or elsewhere only spreads the disease further.

Proper disinfection of facilities, equipment and people should also be of utmost priority to help stop the spread of the disease that is devastating not only the global pig population, but also the livelihoods of farmers worldwide.

We absolutely condemn inhumane practices, which also increase the chance of the disease spreading. 

There is never an excuse for cruelty on farms or during slaughter. We must ensure no undue suffering or fear to these animals, who are already affected by ASF.”

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