Dr. Jaswinder Benarwa donates foodstuffs to prisoners

Commissioner general of prison Wiylife Ogola receiver’s donation from Dr Jaswinder Benawra, looking on are Jaswinder vidi Manminder sing and Gurdia sing. Dr jaswinder Dr jaswinder is also a pattern of Ramgarhia community.

DrJaswinder Benawra with Rosalinda June Knoobs of Hope house babies’ home. The woman who has done a lot in the community also donated 100 bags of foodstuffs to help the vulnerable during This Pandemic.

Ramgarhia community received the donation.

Jaswinder also founded a school of cookery ,In 1990,which offers cookery classes at both certificate and Diploma levels,approved by the ministry of Education.

She later received a certificate from Kiara Johnson’s School of cake decorating and Sugar craft (Canadian Government Certified Educational Institution) for being able to teach the courses as outlined.

Jaswinder has a doctor of philosophy in Humanities,united Graduate College and seminars ,2009.

Dr Jaswinder Benarwa Right.

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