Dr Mordecai Ogada

A local carnivore ecologist has accused security men of a ranch in Laikipia of harassing him while using a public road connecting Nanyuki to Kinamba.

Dr Mordecai Ogada who works for Conservation Solutions Afrika was driving along the road with his family when he was confronted by an armed guard who threatened to shoot him before calling his colleagues.

The guards from Ol Jogi ranch owned by White people harassed Ogada for photographing birds in the public conservancy.

This has been the case for many locals using that public road.

The guards were driving a Toyota Landcruiser pick-up registration number KBK 184Q.

They stopped him and demanded to know who he was, why he was there and why he was taking photos of the birds.

“I calmly told him who I am, where I am from and that I am taking my kids for a game drive. The fellow told me to move on because I am not allowed to photograph wildlife along the road passing by Ol Jogi” Ogada narrated on his social media page.

He said the guard cocked his gun and then pointed it towards him and his family and he labelled them “poachers”.

Other guards arrived aimed their guns and him and ordered him out of his car but he declined and stood his ground, forcing them to give in and drive away.

Ogada has swore to take up the matter with Nanyuki OCS and other relevant authorities.

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