by Faith Karanja

A city pastor is in trouble after he allegedly impregnated a lady in Murang’a then abandoned her suffering.

The lady (name withheld) has threatened to sue the said pastor identified as Nicholas M Mwangi of Utukufu Sanctuary at Membley, Ruiru.

Their affair started beginning of this year in Murang’a but things went sour in September when the lady revealed she was pregnant.

She narrated how the once love-struck duo started well but in seven months’ time, they parted ways and a quarrel ensued that she claims left her nursing ulcers but cannot afford to get treatment.

“The relationship started end of January. From then on, he would come to Murang’a on weekends, and sometimes roll over to weekdays. He was a BOM teacher so when schools closed because of Corona he no longer had to be in the school. He used to teach at Kamuiru boys in Kirinyaga County. I trusted his intentions when he said he was committed to the relationship leading to marriage” she said.

In a demand letter sent to Pastor Mwangi, she claims she loaned him Sh14, 000 but once he secured a job in a company in Nairobi, he declined to refund her, abandoned her and denied responsibility of the pregnancy.

“We continued living together and when I got pregnant in September that’s when his attitude changed. That time he got a job in Nairobi and since then he distanced himself and even when I tried reaching out to him because I am having a really difficult pregnancy, he turned very abusive verbally” she added.

She claims the pastor has been telling people at his work place that he doesn’t know her and that the pregnancy is not his but the lady claims some of his clothes are in her house.

When texted and later contacted about the claim, Pastor Mwangi dodged the pregnancy matter but admitted he was aware of the allegations and that his lawyer was addressing it.

He insisted he owes her Sh9, 000 that he purported they agreed on how to reimburse in installments.

In addition to denying parental responsibility the accused is also sued for portraying the complainant as of immoral character.

“Your said conduct represents our client to the said third parties as a lady of immoral character which is defamatory to her. This shall neither be accepted or tolerated. Your said defamation of our client has caused her immense trauma, mental anguish and distress and is most unfortunate and distasteful in the circumstances” reads the demand letter.

The accused claimed he too was heading to court to challenge the matter.

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