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Kenya’s Deputy Representative to the UNSC calls for implementation of resolution 2334.

by Robert Guyana

A deputy Representative to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Amb. Mike Kiboino has said that Kenya welcomes the normalization of relations between Israel and the multiple majority-Arab States.

Speaking during UNSC meeting on the Middle East- Implementation of resolution 2334 on March 25,2021 virtually, Kiboino said that Kenya supports the call for the reinvigorate of the Middle East Quartet and the recent resumption of meetings with participation of all parties.

“We call for strengthened cooperation to ensure the safe movement of health and other essential workers, equity in the access to vaccines,and definitive medical care to allow for equitable sociology-economic recovery,”he added when he spoke during the Security Council briefing and consultation on the middle east themed Implementation of resolution 2334.

He added that it is important for the Munich format and other confidence-building initiatives in the Gulf and the broader sub-region to complement the work of the Quartet.

“It is our hope that there will be meaningful commitment to these processes in order to inject a fresh momentum into the Middle East Peace Process in alignment with international law, the UN Charter, this Council’s resolutions including 2334,and the Arab Peace Initiative,”he added.

“It is our hope that this development will make it easier-rather than harder-to actualize the normalization of relations between the Israelis and the Palestinians-both at the grassroots and national levels” he said.

He also welcomed all ongoing national, regional and international efforts geared towards injecting a fresh momentum into the Middle East peace process.

Recently,Palestine Embassy made financial contributions to Mbagathi Girls High School of Kibera to support the needy children attain professional education.

Totaling to Sh 501,570, the donation was raised during the Cultural Event and Charity Bazaar held on the margins of International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People at the chancery on Friday March 5, 2021.

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