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Activist Edwin Kiama freed unconditionally

by Robert Guyana

An activist has been freed activist Edwin Kiama unconditionally by a Nairobi Court after the police failed to provide enough evidence to warrant his detention.

When the matter came before the court, magistrate Jane Kamau said that she has considered an application by the suspect and dismissed an application by the prosecution to detain him for 10 more days.

“The prosecution has failed to produce more evidence to prosecute Kiama,”added Kamau.

Magistrate Jane dismissed the application by the prosecution saying that the gadgets obtained from Kiama had been taken to communication authority and the report had not been availed.

That is phones and laptop obtained from Kiama.

The magistrate also ordered that the cash bail of Sh500, 000 deposited in court be refunded back to the depositor.

Kiama’s lawyer requested the prosecution to release the phones and laptops confiscated from his client.

Earlier this month the magistrate declined to grant the prosecution’s application to detain Kiama for 14 days saying there were no compelling reasons tabled before court to warrant such detention.

The case will be mentioned on May 21 for the state to tell on the handover of the suspects items.

Kiama lawyer Harun Ndubi said that the rights of Kiama have been violated and they need to be conducting through investigations before taking someone to court.

“Holding electronic equipment’s belonging to Kiama is a violation of his rights and Uhuru should condemn such acts, “added Ndubi.

He said that Kiama is a family man who needs to take care of his family.

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