Former rugby player Olaba has been detained for seven days over claims of attempting to murder

Former rugby player Alex Olaba has been detained for seven days over claims of attempting to murder a witness in a rape case he is facing pending the conclusion of the investigation.

He appeared before Magistrate Bernard Ochoi where the prosecution made an application to detain him for 10 days but they were granted 7 days after the magistrate said the reasons for detaining him were valid.

Through Investigation officer George Otieno, the court was informed that the suspect was arrested at Madaraka Estate on April 22/2021 following a report of attempted murder against the law.

The court was informed that he is currently gang rape charges before a Milimani court and is out on a Sh300, 000 cash bail.

Police said Olaba was planning to kill a key witness in the case in efforts to defeat justice.

“The accused has contacted several witnesses in that matter with the aim silencing them,” added Otieno.

The Investigation Officer (IO) said that he wanted to eliminate key witnesses by hiring a hit men and he has already paid a down payment.

In an affidavit seeking to detain him, Otieno told the court that after investigation the accused was arrested on Thursday while in mission to achieve his goal.

Police said they recovered two mobile phones from Olaba which are undergoing forensic analysis to establish if there were more players in the crime.

Olaba had apparently approached another party seeking ways of eliminating the witness in the case before police were informed.

The officers then sent undercover officers who posed as possible executors of his mission before they pounced on him.

After his arrest, Olaba told police he had been possessed by satanic spirits.

He was on Friday expected in court to face charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to defeat justice.

Through his lawyer, the accused sought for reasonable bail terms saying that he has cooperated with police in other cases.

He added that he has not been informed about the name and a person who was hired.

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