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KRA senior official is being investigated over illegal award of Multi-million parking lot tender.

by Robert Guyana

A senior KRA official might soon land into trouble after Justice today was tipped that the Ethics and anti-corruption commission (EACC) body is investigating him.

The investigation body questions the circumstances under which a prime parking lot was given to some two Somali men by the said senior officer.

Anonymous source has said that the tender was not officially advertised to the public and it remains mysterious how the parking lot was awarded to them.

Justice today has learnt that Eacc is following up on how it was given to the two Somalis through their company Dalcom limited without following the legal process.

The commission became curious after there was an alleged email trail that was coming from the two Somalis exchanging with the senior kra official over two tenders of laptops and parking lot that involves some millions of money.

The two Somalis were arrested but were later released by the police but we are yet to know why.

The two Somalis are also associated with another Bern group limited which deals with construction and electronics.

Justice-today has learnt that the two Somali’s engagement with the KRA boss led to the their arrest and their release later.

So far, corridors has learnt that the said laptop and parking lot tenders has led to compulsory leave of the kra boss pending investigations.
If enough evidence is found against him, he may be arraigned in court and charged.

It is said The kra boss might have dealt with many undercover deals that are being investigated by EACC.

The emails and text messages amounted to canvassing which is against the procurement law.

In addition, assets recovery are following up with his property.

The asset was called by eacc to assess his property in case he got the property through fraud means or any other means.

Corridors is still following up on the matter to know the real identity of the Somalis and we will update the whole story in a fortnight.

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