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Court bars a woman from publishing defamatory articles against a politician on her Facebook timeline.

by Robert Guyana

An order has been issued against a woman who is being accused of publishing defamatory articles against a Nairobi Politician.

Judge Joseph Sergon issued the orders against Consolata Alilo on August 26, 2021 restraining her from broadcasting on her Facebook timeline defamatory articles about Nichodemus Ochieng.

“An order is hereby issued restraining Alilo from producing and publishing defamatory articles against Ochieng,”ordered Sergon.

Ochieng had moved to court on August 17, 2021 seeking orders restraining the woman from publishing defamatory articles against him pending the hearing and determination of that application.

“Boka Ochieng Bokande I thought you were a friend, you were a common guest in my house, all my kids know you, they used to see you come to my house and ask for money, how do I tell them that uncle Boka conned me, you lied to me about giving me your bar taffy knowing very well it was not yours,” published Alilo.

Alilo had published many other articles on different dates against the politician.

The politician was also seeking orders to have the defamatory articles removed, pulled down, expunged and erased from all forms of media including print, broadcast, digital and social media of any form or nature or print,broadcast,digital and social media of any form of nature relating to him.

Ochieng said that at all times the woman has been running an account by the name Connie Kabbary.

In the application Ochieng said that on August 5, 2021 the woman published on her Facebook account very defamatory words against him.

He says that in those articles he has been referred to as a conman without any intention to ruin his standing among-st his colleagues, employees, family and members of the society.

The politician says he has been accused of dishonesty without due regard to the family, business, his clients and electorate whom he represents in various platforms.

“The defendant deliberately accused me of being a thief and deceitful without any reasonable jurisdiction,” said Ocheing in his documents.

He says that the statements were actuated with malicious falsehood the intent of which hurt the societal standing and his practice.

The  politician says that the defendant against him amounts to serious libel and has caused him grave damage ,distress and embarrassment among family, his friends, peers and community at large which damage is irreparable.

“The defendant will not suffer any prejudice if the orders sought are not granted, “added Ochieng.

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