Plea-taking against Six cops linked to the death of the Embu brothers deffer-ed.

Court has deffered Plea-taking against six cops linked to the death of two brothers from Kianjokoma, Embu county.

The officers are Benson Mputhia, Consolata Kariuki, Nicholas Cheruyoit, Martin Wanyama, Lilian Chemuna and James Mwaniki were expected to plead to charges before Judge Daniel Ogembo after their investigation time lapsed.

Judge Ogembo said that the suspects need to be represented and therefore more time is needed for prosecution to avail the lawyer.

The matter had been before lower court magistrate David Ndungi who had remanded him for two weeks.

Ndungi had been informed that there was another matter pending at the high court where the accused were seeking to block plea taking.

The murder plea was deffer-ed after the lawyers representing them withdrew from the case.

The matter will be mentioned tomorrow.

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