Home Court News Former Laikipia North detained till tomorrow over clashes.

Former Laikipia North detained till tomorrow over clashes.

by Robert Guyana

Former Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel has been arraighned at a Nairobi court and detained till tomorrow over ongoing clashes in Laikipia.

This is after prosecution  sought to detain him for 14 days but Senior Resident Magistrate Sinkiyian Tobiko rejected the application.

“I find no compelling reason to continue holding him for 14days as opposed to being charged. I ordered him to be detained until tomorrow morning to enable the state to charge him,” ruled the magistrate.

The state is investigating him over his involvement in the Laikipia skirmishes and DPP intends to charge him with incitement to violence.

The state alleges that he uttered incitement remarks at a live Maa TV show from May to July this year.

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