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A Man who faked Identity to defraud Sh 5M worth Land lands in court.

by Robert Guyana

John Muriithi Njogu alias Ndambuki Kavoi is being accused of pretending to be in a position to sell the said to Monicah Wambui Kinuthia.

He appeared for the hearing of his case before Kibera chief magistrate Ann Mwangi where a witness produced a title deed in court saying the original owner of that land is Wambui.

Muriithi is said to have committed the offence on diverse dates between July 8 2011 and August 30,2011, In Nairobi City, with intent to defraud obtained Sh 5,240,000 from Monicah Wambui Kinuthia by falsely pretending that he was in a position to sell property namely a parcel of land at Mavoko Town block 3/2066 to the said Monicah Wambui Kinuthia knowing it was false.

The accused person also faced three more counts of making a document without authority contrary to the law.

The charge sheet says that with the intent to defraud forged an identity card with the Name Ndambuki Kavoi contrary to the law and uttered them and uttered them to the lawyer’s office in Westland’s.

He is said to have forged an Identity Card in the name of Ndambuki Kavoi purporting it to be a genuine card issued by the registrar of persons.

While testifying in court, the detective from the office of the DCI told the court that the complainant lost the said cash after he was made to believe that the business was genuine and he reported the matter to the police.

The investigating officer told the court that the accused person told him that his identity card was in a certain advocates officer and they went together to pick it.

She told the court that the accused person told her that some people had worked with him to sell non-existed parcel of land.

The court heard that the accused person had informed the complainant that the said non-existed land was in sell.

The court heard that the accused person then introduced him to the other person whom he purports that he was the owner of the land.

“Thereafter, the complainant met the land seller in question of id number 2262609 of the tittle deed of block B 3/2066-Mavoko,” the court heard.

The search of the land was done and the later report was sent to the advocate and the complainant commenced the transactions was done through a certain advocate.

The advocate the court heard received some cash through a certain bank manager which was sent in shifts.

The case wil beheard on February 2,2022.He is out on Sh 1.5M bond.

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