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Itumbi’s attendance in court dispensed for he is unwell.

by Robert Guyana

Former State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi through his lawyers has informed the court that he is unwell.

This is after he failed to appear in court today for the mention of the court.

Through advocate Mary Waweru who was holding brief on behalf of Lawyer Kagwe Kigen who is representing Itumbi in the matter,The digital blogger told the court that he is still unwell.

“Its true we have furnished a discharge summary for the 1st accused ,we thereby pray for his attendance today to be dispensed with” said Miss Waweru.

Itumbi and his co-accused Samwel Gateri Wanjiru were on September 2021 found to have a case to answer in the fake DP Ruto assassination letter.

Milimani Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku had ruled that the two will have to defend themselves against the charges after the prosecution closed its case.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi the court notified the accused that the matter will be concluded by the trial Magistrate Martha Mutuku who was transfered to Mombasa.

“I can confirm that the proceedings have not been typed and we are making plans for this matter to be concluded by the trial magistrate since the matter is in its final stages “said Shitubi.

Itumbi and his co-accused will now give an account of what happened either through a sworn affidavit or in person.

The two, who have been linked to an alleged assassination letter involving Deputy President William Ruto had been charged with publishing a false document contrary to the law.

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