Home Court News Private detective Jane Mugo accuses journalists of being used by her kidnappers.

Private detective Jane Mugo accuses journalists of being used by her kidnappers.

by Robert Guyana

Private detective Jane Mugo has accused journalists of being used her by her kidnappers.

She created drama in court after she cried out loud saying that she is being frustrated because she has developed interest in a woman representative position.

She claimed that she was kidnapped last year on November 24 by people who are still at large. 

Mugo who could not control herself left chief magistrate Susan Shitubi shocked at her accusations that media was being used to kill her.

She was charged afresh with two counts of making use of a firearm with intent to commit a felony against the law and threatening to kill.

The court was informed that on January 4,2019 at Kyuna close,Spring Valley in Gigiri sub countyNairobi County,being a firearms holder certificate number 2455,used her firearm CZ75 COMPACT CESKA PISTOL serial number C09597and threatened to shoot DEEPA SHAH who was at their family home

She faced another count of threatening to kill contrary to the law.she was charged that on February 4,2019 at Kyuna Close Spring Valley in Gigiri sub county within Naiobi County without lawful excuse drew threatening to kill Deepa Shar.

She is out on bond.


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