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Activist in court saying Linturi is unfit to run for Governor.

by Robert Guyana

Activist Michael Makarena now wants Meru Senator Mithika Linturi to be investigated over the death of a doctor , and a former househelp who died under mysterious circumstances in his house in 2018.

In a petition filed at the High Court through lawyer Danstan Omari,Makarena wants the DCI compelled to conduct fresh investigations into the cause of death of Dr. Stanley Maroe Mugwika a former business associate following an Inquest conducted in Meru.

MICHAEL MAKARENA,through his lawyer Danstan Omari,he says The DCI and the DPP have failed, ignored, and or refused to act and or cause action that are judicious to the detriment of public interest and as such, this has warranted this move to this honorable court of competent jurisdiction in the interest of expeditious justice.

He says that the manner in which justice is dispensed is of paramount public interest and consequently ought to award satisfaction to the people of the Republic of Kenya through restoring faith in the entire criminal justice system in line with the fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in our sanctimonious constitution.

“ unless the matter herein is certified as urgent and heard expeditiously exparte in the first instance; and the prayers sought herein granted as prayed, not only will citizens of Kenya loose faith in the justice system in entirety, but also, injustices will continue prevailing as the narrative of this great nation of the Republic of Kenya,” said Omari

Makarena also wants the DCI to carry out requisite investigations to establish the cause of death of Dr. Edith Kananu who died under mysterious circumstances in the Senators house.

He is also seeking to have Kananu’s body exhumed to establish how she met her death.

“We hereby do seek an order for the exhumation of the remains of Edith Kananu for the sake of establishing the cause of death.”Court documents state.

Omari says that Linturi is unfit to run for Governor because his degree from India and Nairobi University are questionable.He claims that Linturi is only fit to be an MCA.

” That the Honorable Court be and is hereby pleased to compel the 1st Respondent to discharge their legislative mandate and carry out requisite investigations forthwith to establish the cause of death of Dr. Stanley Maroe Mugwika pursuant to the Ruling of Maua Honourable Court in Inquest No. 3 of 2018.”,the Court paper states.

According to the Inquest there was bad blood between Linturi and the doctor after the legislator kicked him out of their company.

According to the inquest papers, Linturi is accused of having a hand into the death of his business associate Maore who was shot dead in the neck.

It is alleged that Maore and Linturi both directors of Ark Choice Brokerage company had a bad blood where the senator kicked out of the firm before he was was found lying on his bed on August 23,2006 with a gun shot wound on the head.

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