Home Court News A petition seeking to suspend the intended Interviews at the DPPs office has been filed due to Nepotism Claims.

A petition seeking to suspend the intended Interviews at the DPPs office has been filed due to Nepotism Claims.

by Robert Guyana

A Human Rights activist has moved to court seeking to suspend the intended interviews of the shortlisted candidates to various posts The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The Activist Memba Ocharo through his lawyer Danstan Omari says that the shortlisted candidates for the above positions come from the same religious and ethnic background as that of DPP Noordin Haji who is a Muslim which has raised eyebrows within the public on equal opportunities especially on matters of employment.

“The shortlisted candidates depict nepotism from DPP and his office, “added Omari in court documents.

Ocharo is seeking to quash the decision of the DPP to shortlist candidates from the same ethnic background in the positions of Principle Administrative Officer, Senior Supply Chain Management Officer 1 and Senior Principal Finance Officer.

“We are seeking an order directing DPP to re-advertise the positions mentioned above  and proper vetting be carried out by the Public Service Commission (PSC) on qualified candidates, “said Omari in court documents.

Ocharo says that the DPP advertised for various posts to be filled at its office on May 11, 2021 in print media where the deadline for submitting applications for qualified candidates ended on June 17, 2021.

“The DPP stated that at the close of the advertisement on June 17, 2021, a total of 2,031 applications were received for the posts they had advertised, “Added Ocharo.

Through his lawyer Danstan Omari, the activist says that the DPP after reviewing the applications of various candidates for the positions advertised went ahead to publish a list of the shortlisted candidates in their websites on March 29, 2022.

He adds that the intended shortlisted candidates are due for an interview on diverse dates between April 25, 2022 and April 27, 2022.

“The DPP and his office are a contravention of Article 73 (2) of the constitution which provides for the guiding principle that state offices should not be guided by nepotism and favoritism, “adds Ocharo.

Ocharo says that candidates from the Principal Administrative officer, senior supply chain management officer 1 and senior principal finance officer depict nepotism.

He alleges that the nepotism from the DPP clearly goes against the advertisement they posted on 11th may 2021 that the office of the ODPP is an equal opportunity employer has it has proceeded to shortlist candidates from the same ethnic background and that the actions does not embrace the representation of Kenya’s diverse communities under article 232 of the constitution.

On 11th may 2021 the office of the director of public prosecution advertised various posts to be filled within its office in print media.

Among the various positions advertised  is the assistant director supply chain man agent, assistant director administration,assistant director human resource management,assistant director ICT,senior principal administrative officer, Senior principal HRD officer, senior principal ICT officers, senior principal finance officer, Principal administrative officer, principal accountant, Senior economic/statistician, Senior supply chain management officer, senior records management officer, senior human resource management officer and senior ICT officer.

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