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Real Estate Developer Sues Blogger Nyakundi over defamation.

by JT reporter

A Nairobi court has stopped Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi from publishing defamatory articles against a real estate Developer.

High Court Judge Joseph Sergon has issued the orders temporarily stopping Nyakundi, Jan Proost and Lynn Ngugi from publishing any defamatory articles against William Murage.

In an order issued on October 17, 2022 judge Sergon has ordered them to immediately cease and desist from further publication and extract defamatory online articles ,interviews and posts pending the hearing and determination of this suit.

“They should ceased from further publishing defamatory and false Facebook posts by Nyakundi on his Facebook hurdle known as “Jan Proost” on diverse dates from January 2022,”ruled Sergon.

Nyakundi is said to have published the defamatory article on his page “cnyakundi.com” on February 1, 2022.

Lynn Ngugi is also said to have published the said article on her YouTube page “Lynn Ngugi Show”.

Through Lawyer Peter Njagi, the complainant has sued the three claiming that they knowingly and maliciously authorized defamatory statements regarding him.

“The three knew that publishing the said malicious remarks based on untrue facts and possessing

No foundation in veracity they would injure the Plaintiff’s hard-earned image, “added Njagi.

He adds that his client’s reputation and standing in the eyes of the general public has been damaged.

“He added that the allegations were so wrong and inciting in a manner calculated to injure his client’s reputation and standing fundamentally, “he added.

Njagi said that bloggers knew that the contents of their remarks were most reckless, malicious, spiteful and injurious attack on the unblemished character, reputation, image, credit and integrity of the Plaintiff and he continues to suffer a good deal of scandal, ridicule, odium and contempt for which the Plaintiff claims damages.

Lawyer Njagi says that the three has caused for the false publications on print and media of false statements that have resulted to investors shunning away from investing in our clients’ Real Estate business.

He said that through his lawyer, he issued a demand letter notice to cease and desist from making malicious and defamatory publications.

The complainant alleges that despite the issuance of the said demand notice, the Defendant has gone ahead to other social media handles to air false statements made by him through interviews.

Lawyer Njagi adds that the bloggers has further gone ahead to injure the reputation of the complainant wife through her Facebook handle known as Jan Proost on diverse dates from 27th January 2022.

They are seeking for compensation for slander and libel.

The complainant says that the bloggers claims that he defrauded Jan Proost over Sh 46Million.

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