Lawyer Danstan Omari acting for Ezekiel

Ten GSU officers in Masimba killings Saga moves to the high court to stop their prosecution.

Ten members of the General Service Unit have moved to the high Court seeking to stop their prosecution over alleged killings at Masimba.

Through their lawyer Danstan Omari,there is information from the DCI office that the officers could be charged and it will be unlawful.

“The officers during the incident were discharging their mandate and acted in the best interests of the large public who were civilians not part of the riot”added Omari in the petition.

He added that the police officers were able to survive an attack from rageous masaai community who are well known to have lethal weapons.

Omari said that the officers being outnumbered by riots ,they acted to the b of their ability in a bid to prevent more innocent casualties.

In bid to stop their prosecution and charges,Omari added that the officers in normal discharge of their mandate,they were appropriately armed and they curbed rioters and mobs since it is part of their mandated expectations.

The 10 are expected in court to face murder charges over the shooting dead of four people during a protest in Masimba area off Mombasa Highway, Kajiado.

They are accused of shooting and killing four people on June 2 during a protest by a mob over increased attacks by wild animals.

The officers spent their weekend in police custody after their arrest over the incident that happened after the protesters blocked the busy highway for hours.

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