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HELP!!They Want Me Dead Because I am A Lesbian- Busia Girl Cries out.

by JT reporter

A teenage girl from Teso North in Busia County is calling on government agencies and human rights bodies to come to her rescue saying she had recieved numerous threats on her life as a result of her sexual orientation.

Janet Achieng 18, says, “I have already reported the matter to the police hoping that the perpetrators shall be brought to book”.
She recalls that around 4pm on 4th October last Month, her neighbour in Fort Jesus area in Busia town where she stays with her mother alerted her that there was a plot to harm her for being involved in lesbianism and that she needed to be extra vigilant.

Achieng, a third born in a family of six and who is a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group, went ahead to say that a day later she recieved a phone call from her friend and neighbour known as Yvette Chepkemoi informing her of the same.

“My friend told me that she had attended a birthday party when she heard people mentioning my name saying that they were not going to associate with me”, she said.

Achieng recalls that in the evening of the same day while on her way to a nearby shop she was accosted by a group of unknown people who started shouting at her and saying all manner of words warning that they were not going to allow her to influence their daughters.

“They shouted unprintable words accusing me that I was a lesbian and how they won’t allow me to move closer to their children even an inch. They pounced on me with slaps and kicks and before I could regain my senses I was already down and the men had disappeared. I was later rushed to hospital I was treated and discharged”, Achieng said.

“My life is in total danger that I even dont know where to hide. Right now I cannot even come out of the house since I don’t know what they could be planning against me and even my small bakery in town which I have been earning a living from my soon close because I cannot leave the house”, she said.

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