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City Lawyer Thomas Ngoe in court over Sh 12Billion Gold fraud claims.

by Robert Guyana

City lawyer Thomas Otieno Ngoe and businessman Nicolas Otieno Ndolo are currently in as prosecution seeks days to detain them over the link to over Sh100million gold scam.

Court prosecutor Jonah Meroka is seeking five days to detain them for allegedly defrauding an American the said amount contrary to section 393 of the penal code.

The complainant is said to have to known the first respondent, Nicolas Otieno Ndolo as a businessman who deals in gold.

“The first respondent here in provided Equity Bank Account to the complainant account name Africorp Consultants Limited as the Transactions account for the business,” the court heard.

Meroka told the court that the first respondent then confirmed to the complainant that he had received the money and he was to contact the respondent to witness the packaging of the gold in reediness for shipment.

The complainant waited in vain for the appointment to witness the packaging which then prompted him to request for the documentation in regard to the purchase of the said gold.

The affidavit filed before the court says that the first respondent them started to avoid meetings and threatened to have the complainant deported from Kenya.

The complainant the reported the matter to the Capital hill police station and the investigations began.

The money upon investigations was found to have been wired to the the lawyers account and was later transported to another account.

The prosecution told the court that firearm was  found  in the  car they were using .

The prosecution urged the court to detain them for five days for them to complete their investigations to determine whether the firearm was licensed.

Their lawyers have jointly objected the prosecution’s request to detain them saying that the evidence is not sufficient.

They have also urged the court to release their clients on cash bail.

The file has been placed aside.

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