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Pastor Ezekiel’s defense Complains over injustices at the local Tribunals.

by Robert Guyana

Lawyer Danstan Omari said the church was closed illegally and they fought it until the church was opened.

He added that the pastor was detained illegally, they fought and were released.

“The accounts were frozen, we fought, they were opened” says Omari.

Omari said the TV station which is the last battle was also illegally closed, they appeared today before tribunal and there was no quorum either by default or by design, the church shall remain being closed.

He said the state is fighting the church.

It is a clear manifestation of persecution of the church.

Omari will be moving to the high court, and will also inform the Chief Justice on the type of Injustices going on at the tribunal.

The tribunal has not had one member for the last one year yet they have been earning a salary.

“This is how the rotten arm of the tribunal is exposing Christians to, “added Omari.

He wants the tribunal to be reconstituted.

Omari together with other lawyers Festus Onyango, Shadrack Wambui and Lawyer Martina Swiga were all aggrieved by the adjournment of the case in which they have filed at the tribunal seeking to have pastor Ezekiel’s church opened.

They say that they appeared before the communications tribunal today and were ready to proceed but the tribunal was not ready.

They were informed that the tribal which had set the date for hearing as today did not have the quorum as stipulated by the law to seat and thus they could not proceed. The tribunal said one of its members was not available to participate in the hearing.

Lawyer Wambui said they were not given enough information as to why the member of the tribunal was absent despite them having a right to information.

“If the tribunal is not well constituted, how can Kenyans receive justice,” asked Wambui.

Wambui said that they were directed to approach the tribunal by Judge Olga Sawe to approach the appeal tribunal to suspend the directive by Chiloba over the issue of frequencies.

The tribunal was to have 7 or 5 members but now there are only 4.

“We were hoping to be heard today but Collins Wandera who was a member said he will not be at the hearing, “said Wambui

Wambui said that the tribunal wants them to wait until the ministry of ICT will provide another member to replace Wanderi which is a delayed justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Will also approach the high court to assume their jurisdiction and hear their prayers. He said they do not know till when they will wait while the matter they are raising is urgent.

Odero’s frequency should be restored for him to spread the gospel.

In their view it is not a reasonable reason brought forth.

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