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Court Frees on Bond a Son of former assistant minister in threatening to kill Case.

by Robert Guyana

Court has freed on bond a Son of former assistant minister charged with threatening to kill city tycoon, extorting him Ksh50M.

When the former trade assistant minister Zaddock Syongoh’s son and co-accused Musaari Kahiga Syongoh appeared today before magistrate Zainab Abdul, she ruled that there are no compelling reasons to deny them bail.

She however warned the two not to interfere with the witnesses an act that would see their bond to be counseled.

They are accused of looking for firearms and ammunition to execute plan of eliminating Chetan  Babu whom they went to school together at St Mary’s Nairobi.

They were charged on Friday, June 9, 2023, with threatening to kill Chetan.

Muthami was separately charged with harassing the wife of Chetan Neha Girish Mehta by sending her indecent and offensive messages through an Airtel line with the aim of extorting.

He was further charged with illegally being in possession of three identity cards belonging to ConnieI lllamwenya Livole, Diana Kerubo Atinda and Levi Kipchumba Tanui. The said identity cards were recovered by police at Muthami’s house in Donholm in Nairobi county.

The ruling on bail was read out today because the prosecution and the lawyer for victims had opposed their release on bail.

But the defense lawyer Moses Chelenga vehemently opposed the application by the state and Chetan’s lawyer saying there are no compelling reasons to warrant the denial of the accused bond or bail.

Chelenga told the magistrate that the accused persons are not a flight risk and the allegations of life threats are far-fetched.

Chelenga told the court that the same allegations were uttered before magistrate Bernard Ochoi when police sought to detain them for 14 days, a request that was declined.

“No evidence presented before the court to warrant their denial of bond,” the defense lawyer said.

In a brief ruling, the magistrate said the allegations made are serious and weighty.

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