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Sowesava self-help group officials case hearing to continue next month.

by Robert Guyana

Sowesava self-help group members has today appeared before magistrate Gilbert Shikwe for the hearing of an ongoing case at Milimani Law courts.

Philemon Otieno, Nick Omondi Owango, Patrobas Awino and Boniface Oduor Anyiego are charged alongside 6 others with malicious damage to property, for forceful entry into a parcel of land measuring 11.5 acres belonging to Gidjoy investment limited in 2018.

Scene of crime officer Michael Njenga who was to testify was stood down and the case adjourned to November 10,2023 when the court will rule on an application relating on the evidence that he will be relying to testify.

They land they are said to have entered is measuring 11.5 acres.

The four were charged on August 8,2021 over their alleged involvement in a Ksh.1 billion land fraud.

They were arrested following complaints filed at the DCI’s Land Fraud Investigations Unit in 2018 by Sowesava Self-Help Group and Gidjoy Company Limited.

The suspects pleaded not guilty to charges of forging the title deed of the Donholm Estate parcel of land, its lease and an allotment letter.

Detectives have established that by 2019 Gidjoy Company Limited bought the land from Continental Limited then legally transferred the ownership to its name.

However, Sowesava officials maintained that Continental Limited surrendered the parcel of land to the Nairobi County government, upon which they (Sowesava) were then issued with an allotment letter and title deed.

The self help group then went ahead to subdivide the parcel into 100 portions which they were in the process of selling to unsuspecting members of the public.

“Meticulous investigations revealed that both the allotment letter and the mother title deed presented by Sowesava had been forged, leading to the arrest of four of its officials in 2019,” read a statement from the sleuths.

The matter will continue on November 10,2023.

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