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Three in Mavoko land dispute detained till Wednesday.

by Robert Guyana

Three men in mavoko land Saga have been detined pending their rulig on bail.

The three Aimi Ma Lukenya Society officials,  Julius Mutua (chairman), Pascal Kiseli (Treasurer), and secretary Alex Kyalo Mutemi were arraingned before Milimani senior principal magistrate Gilbert Shikwe where the court was urged to detain them pending investigations.

 The prosecution told court that the three are being investigated over conspiracy to defraud and obtaining money by false pretences.”The investigations are at preliminary stage and would like more time to investigate the suspects ,” court was told. The court was told that the complainant inthe case is the MD East African Portland and that there are verifications that have to be done .However the defence urged the court to dismiss the application saying that the suspects are not flight risk adding that they are leaders of a society.Similarly the three claim that the matter is pending before the court of appeal.”There was no final desicion to warrant the company to demolish the property when the matter and the same party is before the court of appeal,”said lawyer Mutava MusyimiAccording to the three the matter has been alive since 2014 and are willing to cooperate.”Untill that question is determined,no criminal charge can be preferred against them,”court was told The court was also told that there was a charge sheet that was signed by athe three yesterday night and wondered what happend to the charge sheet.”The suspects are well known persons and are not flight risk,” court heard.East African Portland is a state corporation the accused persons have no capacity to threaten a whole corporation.They are here in the capacity of being officials of the society not as a person.They don’t work in the lands offices , there’s no way they will interfere with the investigationsThe Court will issue its ruling on Wednesday afternoon. The three have been remanded at Muthaiga police station. 

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