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Fake lawyer charged in court.

by Faith Karanja

Ralph Edward Nzwii Nguma has been charged that on February 24, 2022 at unknown place within the country, with intent to defraud forged release agreement purporting it to be a genuine release agreement made and signed by Arwa and Change Advocates releasing themselves representing the Estate of Yongi Family as special administrators.

He faced a second count of uttering a false document contrary to section 353 of the penal code cap 63 of the laws of Kenya.

Nzwii was charged that on April 28, 2022, at Milimani High Court Commercial Division, in Nairobi within the republic of Kenya, knowingly and fraudulently uttered a forged release agreement purporting it to be genuine release agreement made and signed by Arwa and change advocates.

He was charged in the last count with being an unqualified person acting as an advocate against the law.

The accused was charged that on October 24, 2018 at the high court of Kenya, Commercial and Admiralty Division at Mombasa, within Mombasa County, not being a person qualified as an advocate, he represented one Liu Donng Sheng in Miscellaneous Application number 362 of 2018 China New Era Vs Ocean View Residency Limited and Whintto Architects Limited before the Deputy Registrar of the high court.

The magistrate said he will wait a pre-bail report before granting bail. The matter will be mentioned after 3 days.

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