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Company directors and a lecturer in court over Cyber Crime claims.

by Robert Guyana

Company’s director and a lecturer have been released on Sh 200,000 cash over cyber crime offense.

The three Douglas Njoroge Kinyanjui, Peter Njoroge Mwaura and Francis Ndinguri Muhoho have been arraigned before Magistrate Onsarigo..

The prosecution wanted to detain them for 5days but the magistrate declined.

He ruled that the suspects have made application to oppose their detention saying they are not a flight risk.

The prosecution said it is investigating the three over cyber harassment contrary to section 27 of computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Act No. 5 of 2028 amongst other offenses.

They are said to have called the Chief Officer health Nairobi County one Geoffrey Omatoke Mosiria through his number.

The respondents alleged that they were in possession of a document which implicated the Chief Officer with corruption scandal within the ministry of health in Nairobi County.

The chief officer was threatened of dire consequences in the event he failed to cooperate with them.

The Investigation officer said that the suspects upon being arrested they mentioned that they were handled over the alleged document by one of the employees of the Nairobi City County.

“The respondents through Aitel number sent three messages threatening the officer,” added the officer.

They alluded that the said document was handled to them by one of the employees of the Nairobi City County.

It was said that for the purpose of conducting a conclusive investigation, they requested for 5 days.

The police said the reasons to have them detained is to complete investigations, conduct identification parade and that the suspects are a flight risk and might interfere with the investigations.

The first suspect is a company director at delali Water Company and he also has a security company.

The defense said that the suspects are not a flight risk and cannot interfere with the investigations because their place abode can be verified.

“The second suspect works at pretention of infectious diseases based in rali and thus not a flight risk,”added defense.

They added that verifying the owner of Airtel does not mean detention.

The third suspect’s lawyer Mwaura Thuku said his client is lecturer and Identification parade can only take 3 hours.

He said the suspects will cooperate with the court and that no charge has been tabled in court yet.

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