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Alleged serial City serial fraudster charged and detained.

by Robert Guyana

An alleged Nairobi City serial fraudster who is believed to be operating as a businessman pretending to be well-connected with powerful people in the Government has been detained by a Nairobi Court for allegedly attempting to defeat Justice.

Businessman Billy Mogire Monyancha was arraigned in Court today under warrant of arrest after vanishing into thin air in 2023 after he was accused of fraudulently obtaining money from various Agencies pretending he would supply electronic accessories.

According to the Charge sheet, Billy Mogire on March 31,2023 at Nairobi CBD, with intent to defraud, obtained Ksh 251,000 from Jossnad Agencies by falsely pretending he was in a position to supply 14 pieces of laptops, 14 pieces pf Usb to Vga converters, 14 pieces of Microsoft Office 2019 pro, 14 pieces of Kaspersky 2023 antivirus and 3 pieces of Foam Clean.

The accused however was arrested 2023 and released on police bail but vanished into thin air.

Last year, the city businessman Billy Mogare Monyacha was ordered by a Nairobi Court to appear before Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi on December 27,2023 to answer the charges of fraud.

At the time, the prosecution informed Court that the accused businessman had failed to honour summons to appear before Court to take plea for fraudulently obtaining ksh 251,000 from Jossnad Agencies under the guise of being able to supply them with laptops and other electronic accessories.

He again failed to appear before the Court and on December 27, 2023 Magistrate Dolphina Alego sitting at Milimani Law Courts issued a warrant of arrest against the businessman, a warrant which was executed on Friday, January 5, 2024.

Appearing before Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe at Milimani Law Courts, the accused denied the charges.

However, the prosecution pleaded with the Court to deny the accused person bond and or bail stating that he had successfully demonstrated that he cannot abide by the court orders and he has no respect to court summons.

The Magistrate detained him to January 10,2024 to issue a ruling on whether to release him.

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