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A section of Diaspora People says Ruto’s leadership is dictatorial

by Robert Guyana

A section of Kenyans living in diaspora under the umbrella of Justice and Equality have termed president William Ruto kind of ruling as dictatorial.

In a detailed press statement sent to media houses led by their Chair Sebastian Onyango ,they say the move by the president to attack independent institutions such us the judiciary is retrogresive.

They want now the president Ruto to come up strongly and fight major corruption in the Kenya Kwanza goverment which has been seen as the biggest scandal ever.

“Desist from taking the aw into his own hands. The President should stop weakening the judiciary by

creating negative perception among the people of Kenya as a prelude to engaging in extra judicial

action.” read the statement.

They also expressed concern in the manner which the current regime is fighting corruption saying it is yet to show interest to fight against corrupt leaders and top government officials.

They have declared to form a task for that will oversee and counter check all government officials saying anyone who will be found calpable of disobeying or not discharging their mandate per the constitution will be arrested.

“To this end we are forming a task forcewhose members will track down any state official disobeying court

ordersor acting contrary to legal procedures and initiate action to hold them personally liable for loss of public money” read the statement.

The statement from Kenyan in diaspora comes barely few hours after the law society of Kenya and the Azimio threatened to hold demonstration across the country over high cost of living and an attack by the President against the judiciary.

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