Home Court News Incoming LSK president Peter Wanyama warns executive agisnt disobeying court orders.

Incoming LSK president Peter Wanyama warns executive agisnt disobeying court orders.

Wanyama says he will also protect the rights of journalists ..from ..intimidation and harrassement.

by Robert Guyana

The top presidential candidate in the coming Law Society of Kenya “LSK” that is to be held on the 29th of February 2024 Peter Manyonge Wanyama has sent a sturn warning to President William Ruto against the culture of disobeying court orders.

Addressing journalist at Milimani law court during the last day of the compaign ahead of the poll, Wanyama has indicated that his leadership will not allow anyone to undermine the judiciary given that it’s an independent institution.

“I want to warn the president that undermining the independence of the judiciary is unconstitutional and that if elected we will not allow such ” Said Wanyama.

The high court advocate who was flanked by top notch lawyers led by City based lawyer Danstan Omari and a group of young advocates also took a swipe at the chief justice Martha Koome for allowing herself to have a talk with the executive saying the move portrayed a bad image.

“We have the three arms of the government,and each and everyone has to work independently as lawyer it was so bad to see our supreme court president going to have a talk with the president on matter of legal.”Said Wanyama.

On his Behalf, advocate Danstan Omari expressed confidence with leadership of Wanyama once elected given that he comes from a humble background and has all it take to lead the society that has lost his values in the recent years.

“We as senior advocates we are fully behind the election of Wanyama who has demonstrated expetional skills in leadership, being a family man we believe he will for for the corruption within our organization.”Said Omari.

Omari also added that with Wanyama at the helm of the law society of Kenya leadership,all quak lawyers will be eliminated given that they have been looting and taking away lawyers jobs through backdoors.

“Wanyama has mentored many lawyers,and with young and intelligent upcoming lawyers,we are sure that we shall have advocates who have integrity through the leadership of Wanyama”Said Omari.

Wanyama if elected will be the 51st law society of Kenya president “LSK” and will be succeeding Eric Theuri who term ended.

Key city lawyers Peter Wanyama and Danstan Omari.

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