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Lawyers want the Government to bring to book those who touched “Uganda House”

City Lawyer Danstan Omari said there is need for dialogue between youths and Government,He is one of the victims.

by Robert Guyana

Following the torching down of a multi billion building “Ugandan House” owned by Ugandan government during Tuesday mass demonstration by youths dubbed “Gen Z” over the proposed 2024 finance bill.

A section of lawyers who have businesses in that building have asked the government to intervene and bring to book all the perpetrators including the alleged officers who were involved.

“This building belongs to Ugandan government and it was renovated some few weeks ago at a cost of not less than one billion ,it’s alleged that police lobbed teagas inside here and it caused fire, properties have been lost,what kind of relationship are we showing to our good friends Uganda,the government need to came up and explain including taking action against those who were involved “Said Omari

Dunstan Omari,a city based lawyer who also have an office in the said building has expressed concern saying a diplomatic raw is looming between the two nations in regards to what transpired.

In what sounds like a warning shot to President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government,Omari says there is need to have a dialogue between the youths and the government in relation to the new propose 2024 finance bill that has received alot of resistance from political class and the common mwanchi.

The city lawyer insist that the government will suffer no prejudice of the bill is suspended for a while and allow the room for a robust discussion.

“There is need for the president to listen to the cries of this young people who have come to express their frustrations through demonstration,indeed the government has failed to express there accountability,”Says Omari.

On Tuesday, a mass demonstration in the Nairobi capital city by youths dubbed “Gen Z “caused mass distractions including invading into the national assembly protesting over the new proposed finance bill 2024.

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