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Man charged with assaulting his alleged Ugandan pregnant wife.

by Albert Maziwa

A man, who is said to have dated and impregnated Ugandan National woman was yesterday charged with assault.

Abdullahi Mohamed was charged with assaulting Sarah Cherukut occasioning her bodily harm. The incident happened on June 30,2020 in Kibera slums.

The police report indicates that the man went to his house, found the lady inside and assaulted her. It is alleged that the lady was pregnant during the time of assault.

During the time of assault, it took the intervention of the members of the public to intervene and arrest the suspect.

He was taken to the police and charged with the offence of assault occasioning the wife a bodily harm.

The case was heard before magistrate Renee Kitagwa but it was withdrawn after the woman came in court and said that she had forgiven the accused person.

The accused person is now a free man after the case was dropped.

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