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Mizizi Africa Homes Limited launches It’s fourth project to solve housing challenges within the country

by Robert Guyana
CEO Mizizi Africa Homes Limited George Mburu and Dancers During the launch of Mizizi Musiq Albulm and groundbreaking of Hummingbird project on July 11,2020

Mizizi Africa Homes Limited Company has launched its fourth project dubbed Hummingbird Estate in line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big four agenda on affordable housing.

Speaking during the ground Breaking event, one of the company’s client Jane Karimi said that her motive drove her to purchase one of the houses at Heritage Estate because they are of quality at lower price.

“I would like to urge Kenyans to conduct thorough research when purchasing homes because there are rogue developers in real estate industry,” said Karimi.

She said that she has faith with the company and she has already bought one house at its heritage estate.

“I live in rentals but I a hopeful that soon I will own my own house and still buy another one for investment,” said Karimi.

Samuel Musyoka, a client said investment is all about risking but he has trust in Mizizi because they were promised that in 10 months one project will be complete and indeed it is.

“Even if other people lost their money in other companies, Mizizi Real estate is different because I have trust in them, I took one of the houses that are on offer because getting a three bedroom with Sh 2.95M is cheaper than buying it somewhere else with Sh 5 M,”Said Musyoka.

The Company CEO George Mburu said the first project started in June Last year and in August this year it will be handled over to the owners.

“We walk this journey together with clients in faith and many are so excited because they came and found an area that had maize and now it’s their homes, “said Mburu.

He said that off plan houses are the option because buying a complete house may cost over 10 Million.

Mburu said Mizizi is a unique company because the team has passion and they are thinking of young people too who can now acquire a home.

“I stopped paying rent last year and I have the best experience, we know the loopholes that are there of late, “said Mburu.

He said that they are avoiding some of the loopholes that other developers have been experiencing.

“This journey requires a lot of transparency, we also give financial advice to those clients who would like to involve financiers,” said George.

He said that their aim is to ensure clients get affordable housing within a period of 10 Months.

The new Hummingbird project is located along Kenyatta road, off Thika road on exit 14. The project comprises of 18 units in total; modern 3 bedroom.

“I would encourage Kenyans who are interested in purchasing these houses to ensure they conduct due diligence before they buy a house,” said Mburu.

He says his objectives is to ensure Kenyans get affordable housing.

Three other projects that almost complete are Heritage Estate, Peakcoak Estate and Penguin Estate all located at Kenyatta road.

Penguin estate which is now almost complete will be handled over next month.

Hummingbird bungalows have 5 rooms,3 bedrooms .4 bathrooms and a parking space for two vehicles.

Sh 2.95M is a limited offer for the first 5 units, the estate has 18 units in total. (after the 5 units the price will be 3.95M).

The bungalows contain spacious sitting area and dinning-ensuite master bedroom modern finishing in tiles and wardrobes -spacious and customizable kitchen area among other amenities.

During the ground breaking on weekend, Mizizi Africa Homes Limited launched Mizizi Musiq to nurture music talent.

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